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Micro propagation is the practice of rapidly multiplying stock plant material to produce a large number of progeny plants, using modern culture methods.

Micro propagation is used to multiply novel plants, such as those that have been genetically modified or bred through conventional plant breeding methods. It is also used to provide a sufficient number of plantlets for planting from a stock plant which does not produce seeds, or does not respond well to vegetative reproduction. Mass multiplying elite varieties of existing and endangered plant species, irrespective of the season & Rapid multiplication of elite varieties as per client requirement.

We can produce any number of plants varieties with different characteristics and nature
  • Ornamentasls
  • Foliage plants
  • Flowering plants
  • Medicinal plants
  • Desert plants
  • Indoor & Outdoor plants
  • Fruit plants

Who We Are?

We at ARMY Biotech are mainly working on the micro propagation of ornamentals. Indoor/Outdoor plants., We grow and supply of Ornamental, foliage, Herbal/Medicinal, Aromatic, Flowering and Vegetable plants and gardens. We cater our services for both domestic and International clients.

We are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of plant distribution, well connected by direct flights to any destinations across the globe. This ensures an attractive in-house inventory irrespective of the season.

We are committed to prompt services and reasonable pricing. We have gained partner's trust, identifying their needs, fulfill our commitments and maintained good business relationships by practicing ethical, prompt deliveries. As we understand the overall process of Tissue Culture, we always look to reduce the overall operation costs involved, thereby serving the customer with low selling price, high quality and prompt deliveries.

What We Are?

Infrastructure :
The ARMY Biotech has 2000 sq. ft. Laboratory in Bangalore. with 2.5 million T.C plant production capacities. We have poly and green houses to take care of primary and secondary harden processes of plants. We have very senior persons with us who can handle various crops from Initiation and maintenance, schedule preparation, Media and all Production aspects and to ensure constant production and maintain the quality. Technically qualified personnel handle every stage of the process & a separate initiation team to safeguard the Stock status of the main production facility. Vital procedures ensure that our contamination rate is well below the average. Plants are sent in agar or ex-agar depending on the requirements of the customers.

We have a dedicated team to ensure the quality to withstand in this highly competitive market. A well lead team of proficient management & marketing professionals with expertise in their respective fields have been searched and retained by us who are our most valued asset. Each personnel are fully dedicated and provide 100% of commitment in their field of operation.

Management Team :
We have an in-house R&D team, who can imitate the plant varieties of our client‘s requirements and handle genetic modification and to implement as Turnkey Project with all the finest raw materials, latest technology and processes.