Asset Recovery Management Yard (p) Ltd. was incorporated in 1997 with the main objective to acquire financial assets, cause of action of any Bank or Financial Institutions and to act as their recovery, enforcement and resolution agent for Recovery / Reconstruction / Rehabilitation / Mergers and Acquisitions / Management takeover though legal means ,i.e., under SARFA & ESI Act 2002.

The Commercial activity of commenced after the enactment of SARFA & ESI Act during Dec' 2002 and made vigorous efforts to create awareness of the benefits of the latest law for nearly six months.

It is the primary responsibility of every prudent citizen to respect the law and to condemn lawlessness and to inform the law enforcing agencies regularly about law breakers.

Casual attitude towards lawlessness and law breaking, observing like silent spectators without taking any action by taking illegal gratification or otherwise, without initiating appropriate effective measures to prevent lawlessness and law breaking would send wrong signals to the masses, and the ultimate result will be a society full of frustration, disrespect for law, leading to agitations and finally a revolt against the Government.

  ARMY Group
We at ARMY Biotech are mainly working on the micro propagation of ornamentals, Indoor/Outdoor plants. We grow and supply of Ornamental, foliage, Herbal/Medicinal, Aromatic, Flowering and Vegetable plants and gardens. We cater our services for both domestic and International clients.

We are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of plant distribution, well connected by direct flights to any destinations across the globe. This ensures an attractive in-house inventory irrespective of the season.